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5 Nights at Freddy's 4, The Game Theorists, and little ol' me.

The Game Theorists is one of my favourite YouTube channels, especially their flagship show "Game Theory".  Even games I have never played and have never had the slightest interest in playing are compelling heavily researched and compellingly presented arguments and theories about those famous gaming icons and situations.  The host and one of the main ingredients to its success is the YouTube Star (and consultant) MattPat.  If you haven't seen some of their shows i suggest you check out the Evil Mario, Why Videogame Movies Suck, and Rosalina UNMASKED.  Most of all I suggest you watch the 5 Nights at Freddy's(FNaF) Playlist in order for this post.

The latest version the the FNaF 'jumpscare filled with secret lore that creates hundreds theories even by non-players' franchise dropped its 4th and supposedly final installment with one DLC pack to come in on Halloween.

Personally I don't play the games so much as I prefer to watch people play it and then follow the lore as it crafted to make any theorist squee for joy because as good as the games are made, the lore puts the planning behind J K Rowling's Harry Potter to shame.  Not only did the creator Scott Cawthon plan out the story, but most of the red harrings, alternate possibilities, and even seems to researched it to a degree that was beyond unnecessary.  Of course some of the best, if not always correct, research has come from Game Theory, and as a show I already liked allot.  However I really had to disagree with the episode above.

The research, of course, was terrific and much further that I had done when I had watched scenes from FNaF4 of another YouTuber, by the name of Markiplier. and was creating new theories of my own as old ones were smashed in emotional wrenching scene after another.  I could not wait to see what MattPat would come up with.

We came up with much of the same info but came to almost entirely different theories.  After I watched it I felt I had to post some of the points of my running theory and it turned into almost fully filling out my theory for the main arch of the FNaF Lore.

Here is a reposting of my giant post and was banged out in pretty short order with very little reference compared to what I normally do for these so there may be some mistakes or things i forgot to take into account, so please keep that in mind.

+The Game Theorists Sorry MattPat but you are missing allot that could discount your theory and your scientific research, like mine but more indepth, actually supports the continuity.

 In FNAF4 you play the child I call The Crying Child.  he loves the plush characters from FredBear's/Freddy's and the new ones as the company is introducing. They are his friends... his only friends.  He is bullied by his older brother who, wearing a Foxy mask, keeps jumping out and attacking him from cover.

Why does his brother do this when he has this love for the characters.  Because he knows that his brother has a full blown phobia of the 'life sized' animatronics that the near by pizza place uses and every time he jumps out and scares him he thinks for a split second, because his brother is bigger that the Foxy animatronic has come to get him.

The Crying Child becomes so traumatized by his brother he actually rips the head off of his beloved Foxy plush because it reminds him of his brother in the mask.

Now like many older siblings his parents probably make the older brother take his younger brother with him if he wants to go somewhere, and he probably resents that when he goes to the arcade to be with his freinds.  He probably resents is even more since his brother, The Crying Child, sufferns Automatonaphobia and/or Anthropromorphobia, since he is also terrified of the employee/guard in the FredBear Mascot Uniform, so he spends his time cowering in the fetal position on the floor crying uncontrollably in abject terror.

This is why his brother and his older friends would bully him by locking him in the store room filled with the disturbing disembodied parts of his phobia's focus until an employee would hear him and let him out.  He couldn't even ask for help from the security employee/guard on duty because he was in the infamous FredBear Mascot outfit.

As a victim of bullying as a child that was so severe that the RCMP (I am Canadian and they served as my town's Police Force) was called in on several occasions to stop it because it was getting out of control, I can attest to the haunting and terrifying nightmares it can give you. While not an applicable in my case as it did not involve phobias, nightmares of hyperbolic versions of your tormentors and fears are common in these situations.

Also not the rule, but pharmaceuticals are used to treat people suffering from phobias, especially as they get worse, and even more so if they are doing forms of exposere therapy.  Also medications used to be given to people who could not sleep because of night terrors, thinking lack of sleep and being able to wake up would make the sufferer just get progressively worse as it continued not understanding that they may just trap people in longer night terrors. This could explain how pill bottles appear on the bed stand.

It appears that The Crying Child is not only living his waking phobic nightmare by day, but at night the nightmare he fears by day comes true at night, where exaggerated  versions of the things he fears comes at him, but still displaying the love of the plush versions of his toy friends their and safe, but the animatronic ones as bestial fanged zombie like monsters out to kill him.  The one exception being PlushTrap which seems to be right in between.  Even Foxy doesn't come straight for him but instead hides to pop out at him just like his brother, and also when he is his most dangerous in the closet is when he appears just to be a head... like the one he ripped of his toy or the mask his brother wears.

As for the imagery you point out about the 4 and the bed shows that it is The Crying Child in bed from the injury getting up, I suggest to you Matt that it could also show The Crying Child in bed dreaming he is getting up and keeping the monsters that haunt him at bay.

Now lets get to The Bite of '87... I put to you that it goes down like this;

Some 4 years after FredBear's is started during a busy day, an older brother and his friends at a birthday party, wearing FredBear/Freddy's masks, bully The Crying Child and try to rub his face into the friendly FredBear Animatronic.  His head slides into his mouth and the high speed (and thus high power) jaws clamp down on his head, breaking the skull and causing a severe frontal lobe injury.  This ironically changes the phobia and nightmares of this animatronic anthropomorphic mascots from an irrational fear that haunted his dreams to a prophetic foreshadowing of his fate.

Likely, since this action was done by their older son, who to be fair was young himself and likely didn't realize the nature, the family would not seek criminal charges as their elder son would be the one to suffer the worst, and likely in not doing so would make cases against their older son's friends in civil court not practical.  What the family likely did is go after the restaurant and the employee supervising the floor in the FredBear Mascot outfit.

As a company, the restaurant was covered and probably protected itself by firing and shifting as much blame as possible onto the man in the FredBear outfit.  It also probably helped the case that he was dressed just like the terrible machine that maimed The Crying Child.  They probably fired him, sent him papers blaming him, and then blackballed any chances of getting more work, especially if he was also a guard.

Now with both The Crying Child and, for now lets call him The Mascot, lives left forever scarred in their own way, they try to live their lives.

Now lets remember EXACTLY what The Phone Guy said about The Bite of '87;

"So, just be aware, the characters do tend to wander a bit. Uh, they're left in some kind of free roaming mode at night. Uh...Something about their servos locking up if they get turned off for too long. Uh, they used to be allowed to walk around during the day too. But then there was The Bite of '87. Yeah. I-It's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?"

Now Phone Guy is probably not a doctor and wasn't told the exact extent of The Crying Child's injuries and 'without' can mean several things from an oversimplification of "his frontal lobe doesn't work the way it is normally supposed to do" to "The entire front of his skullcap and his frontal lobes were bitten clean off".

Most likely the cerebral tissues were severely traumatized by the pressure and some broken pieces of bone, not to mention the surgery to repair it.

And this, my dear content maker, is where all that wonderful research you did for this video comes in but in a way you probably didn't consider.  After living with his new injuries The Crying Child was no longer crying in terror, as fear meant allot less to him, but he was now even more alienated, and probably still teased and bullied by kids for being different.  Now he didn't cry from fear, but from sadness.

Not feeling fear he would go to the site of his horrible 'accident' and see kids playing and having fun together and even though he wasn't afraid now, he knew he couldn't take part and wouldn't fit in because now he was even stranger.

Then a the man who was The Mascot now drives up and sees one of the kids that cost him his name and livelihood, standing there crying.  He recognizes him as the brain injured kid and using his brain injury against him to get him to go with him The Purple Man gets his first revenge by killing The Crying Boy and hiding his body in the restaurant to get revenge on them too.

Thats when he realized that no one was using the FredBear Mascot outfit and he could use it to get the other kids who were involved one by one.  He then hid them in the restaurant and when they still weren't found he just stopped and left. Or maybe he liked it and started killing even more kids to get revenge on the restaurant

Meanwhile The Crying Boy got an idea.  He took the sad and suffering souls of the 5 other children and put them into the bodies of his friends, since they don't seem so scary anymore, so they wouldn't be trapped as ghosts, and he became The Puppet.

Now if my conjecture that the employees in the Mascot outfit were normally the guards, this would mean 3 things:

1) That The Mascot was a guard and when The Bite of '87 happened no one could see his face and just knew he was a security guard for the restaurant.

2) None of the 5 kids knew what The Purple Man looked like.

3) This is why the animatronics attack guards... any guards, no matter what they look like.  It also could be why they don't attack when you are wearing the Freddy Head, as it makes them remember their death, not confuse you for an animatronic.

Now it is just a matter of it it or is it not Phone Guy.  While there is evidence to point to phone guy, it would mean they would have to rehire him, and as a guard no less.  Is the SpringTrap Trap scene with the ghosts Phone guy's death or is it the last act of the haunted robots against The Purple Man after they had already long stuffed Phone Guy into a suit meant for another animatronic that unlike SpringTraps/Original Bonnie was not also a Mascot outfit to be worn?  Only time will tell and that is if Scott wants it to.

And Scott... if you are seeing this... really. The franchise is called 5 nights and you are going to stop at 4 and a DLC? Really.  I mean, think about it... it could be a synergy game to come out right before the movie to get people at their hieght of Freddy's Lust.

Matt, I love your videos, even when I disagree or think/know you are wrong about something, the care and detail you put in to make your videos an expirience unto themselves is greatly appreciated.  Keep it up and we will keep watching.

I on the other had only had so much time and limited experience with all the lore and theories so I may have a few mistakes here myself, so I don't hold Matt's or anyone else's against them.  Even if they are wrong they are adding to the fan community for this propperty and making it better.

If you have read this far without skipping... you make me soooooooo proud!  ;-P


Yes I just realized that it is MatPat.  I is bad at name. Sorry.

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