Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Philip DeFranco Show for October 10, 2012

 Phil Talks about Scottish Independance from the UK, North Korean Missles, Sexy TIme Gallery, Teen Birthrates, Surplus New Abrahms Tanks, and a Death at a Bug Eating Contest for a Python.



Zero Punctuation: FIFA 13


Yahtzee reviews FIFA 13 (and a few other games)... sort of.



STAR: Balically Dishonored

 STAR's humourous take on the new game Dishonored


SourceFed For October 10, 2012

A 'Criminal Mastermind' is foiled from firebombing churches while another tries to crack a police officer's wallnuts. Stinky Batman is arrested while over in the Marvel Universe The Disney Overlords and Stan Lee fight off STAN LEE!!!  Oh yeah and some of the Nobel Prize Winners have been announced and The Cells and The Quantums have it.



Living Under Drones: The Truth About The Use Of Drone Strikes

Arial Drone

 Journalists interview people living under the constant fear of military drones and how "surgical" the strikes really are, and their use of the "Double Tap".