Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Philip Defranco Show For October 11, 2012

 Phil talks about Party Photographers, Champagne Facials, and A Cab Driver and 220 Thousand Dollars.



SourcFed For October 11, 2012

The news covers Lance Armstrong's charges of Doping, a teen arrested for changing a Facebook Profile Picture, how DNA's half life means we will never have a Jurasic Park, Feeling Good News with Joe Bereta, and Zumba Instructor is charged with runnning a prostaturion ring.



Extra Credits: Digital Rentals And The Online Arcade

 Extra Credits looks at two of the monitization models games could use instead of automatically going Freemium/Free to Play, Digital Rentals and Online Arcades.



Related articles, courtesy of Zemanta: Canada Enters the TPP

After 15 rounds of negotiations Canada Joins the discussion on the Trans Pacific Partnership/Internet Trap. To Sign the petition to stop it goe to's site StopTheTrap.Net.