Friday, October 12, 2012

Slate's "Political KPombat '12", Mortal Kombat for the Presidency of the United States

Political Kombat is an episodic humorous commentary on the Road to the White House done by Slate. So far my favourite is Obama vs. Trump at "Trump City".  I also got a kick out of Romney battling at Newt Gingrich's Moon Base.  With some retooling this would make a fun Fighting Game. There are 5 installments so that leaves 2 left including the final election between Romney and Obama.



The Real Polar Bears

The Real Bears is a blunt but morbidly humorous take on the seasonal Coka-Cola Bears and Penguins.  As a sufferer of Type II Diabetes (luckily very controled with medication and diet) and walking around with a bonespur in the same foot at the Papa Bear it really hit home for me as the video got dark.

If you have a sore or injured foot that doesn't heel all the way, PLEASE, Diabetes or no, go to a doctor before you do permanant damage or worse or you may end up like the bear in this video.