Monday, October 15, 2012

This Week in MMO: Mindblown

 Game Breaker Covers Star Wars:The Old Republic's announcement about their Legacy System,  Penny Arcades Coversation with former lead designer of The Secret World and his opinion on how MMO's should be made. Age of Wushu and Viewer Feedback.



The Philip DeFranco Show For October 15, 2012

 Phil talks about the cancellation of Dane Cooks Sitcom, Felix Baumgartner Fastest man alive 24 mile skydive, Volcanos and magma, Disabled Army Vet is Robbed/Attacked by Collection Agency, and EA's Origin Survey Code Big Oopsey.



SourceFed for October 15, 2012

Space Jump Skydiving Record by now fastest human Felix Baumgartner,  The Battle for the US Budget starring Big Bird,  ComicCon Cosplayers, Taliban Shotting Victim and Femaie Rights Activist evacuated to UK for treatment, and Brad Pitts War on the War on Drugs.