Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PBS The Idea Channel 4 Pack

The Idea Channel discusses MP3 Files and Magic Spells, asks if Doctor Who could be a religion, if Dungeons & Dragons can make you successful, and What Justin Bieber, Franz Liszt, and Jerusalem.



The Philip DeFranco Show For October 17, 2012

 Today Phil discusses how Creepshots after being closed down recreates itself, a case of possible brutality, R. Kelly releasing more "Trapped in the Closet",  The Pirate Bay become more unstoppable by moving to the cloud, and a VP Canadite Paul Ryan faking a photo op at a soup kitchen without having permission.



SourceFed For October 17, 2012

The SourceFed Crew covers how the more testosterone you have as a man, the less deceptive you will be, Alpha Centari's twin of Earth... sort of, the unbelievable Tasing of a blind stroke victim by police, some movie news, and Philip Defranco joins Elliot Morgan for an hour long analisis of the US presidential debates, round 2.



Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil 6

 Yahtzee, on top of plugging his 2 books, does a review that I know will have a friend of mine that is called 'Gattsu' seething the way only a longtime fan can at a ZP less than posative (but still funny) over the top review.