Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Philip DeFranco Show For October 18, 2012

Phil talks about a new oral treatment for burns, Tag Romney's entirely overblown statment about punching The President, videos of the Maine Zumba Madame were already online, Newsweek goes totally digital, and Twitter did its first banning of an account on the request of a country.  Oh yeah and Sara Underwood in some sexy Halloween Costumes... and other sexy things.



Star Wars: The Old Republic: Free to Play Preview #1


EA/Bioware Gives a partial introduction and explanation of their plans to take the game Free to Play and how it affects Free and Subscription Players.



SourceFed For October 18, 2012

 The Team covers the caught smuggler of Mongolian Dinosaur Bones, the lawsuit over an amputated leg that was crushed by a statue of Christ, a "Scientificly" derived top 100 video game of all time (that use unscientific top 100 lists by others as data), cute puppies save lost child, and the Forbes list of highest paid television personalityies,



Extra Credits: Mailbag #5

 Extra Credits answer mail about concoles, the Oculus Rift, EA marketing/selling guns through a game.