Saturday, October 20, 2012

STAR: Basically: Ravaged

 STAR does a hilarious first take on the game Ravaged which is supposed to be a racing game...sorta.



CBC's Laugh Out Loud Presents Ali Hassan, Keith Pedro & Sunee Dhaliwal!

CBC Pop Up Audio Player For Laugh Out Loud(Do not open in Opera 12.02 as some bug is crashing Opera on the player and the website)

The LOL Podcast from the CBC features sets from comics new and old and somtimes tours they put on.



The MMO Report For October 18, 2012


Casey Schriener covers the expanded information about Marvel Heroes, DayZ releases an update to the work they have been doing on their game, and Transformers Online.



Tech News Today #611: Very LL-oquent

The TNT Crew covers iPhone Hacker turned Apple Employee is let go because he didn't answer an email, Apples new Oregon Data Centre, Microsoft reports lower earnings, Sec Researchers are suggesting anyone not needing Java uninstal it, Sony cuts workers, Mozilla's new app market, and 4K's new marketing ready name Ultra High Definition, or UHD.  That and more is covered including 2 scating reviews of 2 startups.