Tuesday, October 23, 2012

GameBreaker.TV: This Week in MMO: Bold Statements

GameBreaker.TV covers EA/BioWare's plans for Star Wars:The Old Republic's move to Free to Play, bold statements about Everquest Next in the lieu of the report that the original design was wiped and the restarted developement, and an adorable little guest star and the annoying caller who called about him.



The Philip DeFranco Show For October 23, 2012

Phil covers how a thief leaves an intoxicated man on subway tracks, the Iron Man 3 Trailer is released, The Black Tape Project raising money for Breast Cancer, young people under 30 are reading more, and finally Apples special  announcments  including a NEW IPAD after only 6 months.



SourceFed For October 23, 2012

 SourceFed talks about texting/leetspeaks effects on literacy, the firing of an Arby's Frachises Manager after running from a knife wielding robber, upcomming movies, and siesmic experts convicted of manslaughter for not predicting a deadly earthquake in Italy.

Also the Libertarian Presidential Candidate Governor Gary Johnson talking about the Presidential Debates he was denied access to inspite of being on the ballot in 49 states.  It runs about 80 minutes.



TRAILER: Iron Man 3

The Dark(er) new trailer for the Darker Iron Man 3, Featuring 2 villians including The Mandarin.  It also shows the new look for War Machine and Pepper Potts in more danger than before.



This Week In Tech: I Got Frisked

Leo Laporte, John Dvorak, Dwight  Silverman, and Jerry Pournelle discuss this past weeks Tech News.



BwanaTV:Game Chat With Bwana: My Major? FUS RO DAH!

Bwana McCall Discusses this weeks gaming news including another record breaking Computer Game Kickstarter Campaign for funding a game without a publisher, the EA Origin Oopsy, Halo 4 on 2 Disks, a prediction for low sales for MoH:Warfighter and EA not giving any review copies out for review, EVE Online Play lost a ship in Null Sec Space which when you total the lost cargo up in value in real currency was worth over $6,000 USD, Dragon Age 3's plans that single levels of the game will be bigger than all of Dragon Age 2, and a new 0x10c test footage.



The Philp DeFranco Show For October 22, 2012

 Phil talks about a pair of Duchebag Negligent Parents, AMC and Dish Network FINALLY come to a deal, the new 6 strikes ISP system the content industry has put together,  an injured Footballer gets blown up lying on the field, Paranormal 5's Greenlighting, and election search engine searches.  Also coverage of Vice Magazines embeded coverage in underground hospitals in Syria.



TRAILER: BioShock Infinite "Beast Of America"

In a similar style to the Batman:Arkham City "No Place For A Hero" Trailer to the song 'Short Change Hero", this video uses Nico Vegas's song "Beast" linked to below.  The song seems really apropriate versus the backdrop ot the themes of American Exceptionalism and American Industrialism in the backdrop of a floating city called Columbia.