Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tested: Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project #14: Horror Movies

 Adam Savage, Will Smith, and Norman Chan talk Halloween, Costumes, Costume Props, Favourite Horror Movies (WITH SPOILERS).



CBC News: Canadian Cell Tower Woes


Cell Towers under 15M are popping up without warning or consultaion in residential area with little regulation other than hieght.  While declared safe, the WHO isn't convinced of the extended long term effects on people.



PBS's The Idea Channel: Is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Web Design Fashion?


The Idea Channel discusses the comparison of the "ugly" code beneath a website and the CSS/Web Design that the end user sees and interacts with and if it is fashion as in the expresion of the person who wears it and an expresion of the world at large.



SourceFed For October 24, 2012


Today the stories are Monster Energy Drinks are accused of killing a young girl, a man shows his testicles to a cop to get out of trouble, a Anti-Planned Parenthood Protester 'Defends' himself by stabing a man 7 times without getting charged, a full review of the game "Unfinnished Swan", and annother lifeform named after Lady Gaga much to Elliot Morgan's chagrin.



Reddit Ask Me Anything: OpenMedia.CA and Allies Talk About TPP And Similar Agreements

OpenMedia.CA's AMA on The Trans Pacific Partnership took place today to give people a chance to come together and both ask and answer questions about the agreement often refered to as SOPA 2.0. The begining of the AMA puts it very well;

" So, please explain what the TPP is and why it is bad?"

" The TPP (which stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership) is a multi-nation trade deal that seeks, among other things, to rewrite the global rules on intellectual property enforcement. Those rules would likely supersede the rules of any participating nation.

One of the main problems with the TPP is that it's being negotiated behind closed doors. But from leaked documents, we know that the TPP would give Big Media new powers to lock users out of our own content and services, provide new liabilities that might force ISPs to police our online activity, and give giant media companies even greater powers to shut down websites and remove content at will. It also encourages ISPs to block accused infringers’ Internet access, and could force ISPs to hand over our private information to big media conglomerates without appropriate privacy safeguards.

*There's a bunch more info on the campaign page site (including the footnotes)."





The Philip DeFranco Show For October 24. 2012

Phil and a lovely Friend of the Show cover the tragic story of a woman who set herself on fire blaming the KKK, Richard Murdock's Senatorial (Wording?) Blunder about conception and rape while talking about his life at conception stance, Facebooks push to mobile, Zynga laying of 5% of their employees, Instagram quadrupling the users, Syrian ceasefire agreed to (sort of), and a "Sexy iPhone Photoshoot".  Also he loves our faces...



Rick Mercer Report: RANT: Omnibus Bill II (AKA OH NO NOT AGAIN!!!!)

Rick Mercer Rants about the upcoming sequel to the Omnibus Bill he instatuted last budget and is about to again.