Thursday, October 25, 2012

STAR: TF20: Team Fortress 2 X 10

STAR for the first time test plays an alternative TF2 game type called "x10" where most of your items stats, good and bad, are multiplied by 10.



SourceFed For October 25, 2012

SourceFed covers how scientists have started to create actuall real life "Tractor Beams", WikiLeaks is set to release more US Military Information, Nintendo's new services and games for the 3DS, the murderer in the Jessica Ridgeway case surrenders, and how the FBI arrested a NYPD Officer for his plan to kidnapp, torture, and eventaully eat would cook and eat.



G4: The MMO Report For October 25, 2012


Casey covers Planetside's upcomming release, new images from The Elder Scrolls Online, and DC Universe's upcomming expansion that expands some areas, adds a new form of PVP, along with Player Housing/Lairs.



The Philip DeFranco Show For October 25, 2012

Phil talks about the Sunday show will be the 1000th episode of the PDS, a 20 year old woman sold her virginity for $780,000, the Windows 8 release tommorow, a hack to play Super Mario 64, and Katy Perry's Birthday and who she plans to vote for, Trump going at Obama again and offers 5 million to a charity if Obama shows his collage records, and then how Stephen Colbert makes Trump an offer.



Tech News Today: Because Reasons

  Tom Merritt along with Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell discuss the ramp up to Windows 8 release tommorow, a UK mobile  retailer has leaked the Nexus 4 info, Sprint's business problems, The Swiftkey Keyboard adds Swype-like functionality, the price is announced for an 84" UHD (AKA 4K) TV, an update on the NYTimes Paywall Model, and the modern version of the "Sick Keyboard" Story.  They also discus this Samsung SIII add that shows off NFC functions of the phone and a wife's mysterious little surprise video for her husband...

 Also Scott Johnson talks about his podcating networks celebration of what would have been BlizzCon 2012,





Extra Credits: Beyond Fun

Extra Credits discusses the topic of a common problem holding the games industry back... trying to make everything "fun".