Friday, October 26, 2012

Review of Shimian 27" Monitor (2560 x 1440)

A TWIT.TV review by Chad Johnson on cheap 1440 monitors ordered from Korea.  Much like the better known Yamakasi CatLeaps, these monitors are made from the same monitors as Apples Monitors, but with a higher chance of Dead/Stuck Pixels.




 STAR does one of his humorous first looks at a zombie 2.5 D Platformer that almost everyone compares to Limbo.



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Tech News Today: Why Tom Loves Windows 8

Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Iyaz Akhtar, Darren Kitchen and Jason Howell cover the Windows 8 Launch Day as it is released along with some the hardware featuring it, The DMCA losing some of their exceptions, Apple not making earnings expectations, Tim Cook talking about how the iPad Mini is NOT a 7 inch tablet, Samsung being the Master of Smartphones, Samsungs record profits, Apple wants to make a Pandora competitor, and Microsoft unbanning several mature games, like Mass Effect and Assasin's Creed, in thier Eurpean Windows 8 Store.



STAR: Scream Fortress: Team Fortress 2 Halloween Update Overview

STAR gives his first impressions of the 2012 Team Fortress 2 Halloween Event and the content in the update.