Saturday, November 3, 2012

SourceFed For October 30, 2012

 In Today's SourceFed, the team discusses how a proposal to use paintballs on dangerous asteroids to save the world, Sandy hitting the US East Coast, the Flat Earth Society, wheather the "Virgin Auctions" is Sex Trafficing, and Meg dresses appropriately for a first impression of Assasin's Creed III.



STAR: TF2: x10 Monoculus Mayhem [Live Comentary]

STAR goes to last years Halloween Event Map to have even more ludicrous x10 TF2 highjinx while fighting a giant bomb spewing eye.



SourceFed For October 29, 2012

SourceFed Covers Hurricane Sandy and why its being called a "Frankenstorm" other than its Halloween Season, the story of a 12 year old sun allegedly murdering his own Neo-Nazi Father, The Librarian of Congress rulings on Jailbraking and Remixing, how horror and terror movies can be used to lose wheight, and the latest launch trailers for Assassin's Creed III, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Angry Birds Star Wars.

The Call of Duty:Black Ops Trailer is actually very interesting and here is the whole trailer staring Jack Black as a Sniper, iJustine as a Tomahawk throwing woman, Robert Downey Junior as a Jet Pilot, and FPS Russia as a Gun Drone Pilot.



Tech News Today: Windows Phone Gone Gr8?


The TNT News Crew cover the Microsoft announcement about Windows 8 Features, Hurricane Sandy battering the Internet via the East Cost, how some papers are temporarily drop their paywalls, IBM's next step towards carbon nanotube computer chips, Apple selling out of their initial run of iPad Minis, an update on Paul Ceglia's claim to own a large chunk of Facebook, a huge ruling on "The Right of First Sale", and you can finally buy light bulbs from Apple.